April 2021 Newsletter: Kickservpay, The Urban Foresters, Mobile App 3.9

March 2021 Newsletter: Training Videos, PDF Attachments, Exit Strategy

February 2021 Newsletter: Customer Survey, Weekly Reports, Customer Story

January 2021 Newsletter: Z Plumberz, New UI Changes, Mailchimp Integration

November 2020 Newsletter: Touchless Payment Options, Your Customer's Don't Remember You, Playing Your Business like a Piano, Tech Talk: Water Company

October 2020 Newsletter: Integration w/ Customer Lobby, Customer Attachments in Job Request, Hiring: Finding Needles in Haystacks: Tech Talk: Father & Son

September 2020 Newsletter: How to Win, Easy Customer Payments, Customer Story

August 2020 Newsletter: New Tech Training Video, Down Payments, The Rule of 5

July 2020 Newsletter: Managing by Stats Not Emotion, Pay by Text, Video Reviews

June 2020 Newsletter: Online Advertising, Covid, Mobile App Updates

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