We made it even easier for your customers to pay you from a printed invoice. If you have credit card payments enabled, your invoices now come with a QR code for super quick payment.

Your customer scans the code with their mobile phone's camera, which takes them directly to our secure payment screen to pay their balance. No login or password required--it's as simple as scan & pay!

No camera? No problem. There's also a short code that they can enter at kck.sv/pay. It goes right to the same payment screen.

No need to pick up the phone, send an email, or write a check--you're paid instantly.

If you use our custom invoice templates, by the way, you're covered: you can use quick payment codes there too. Just use the special tags below.

Show the QR code

{{ qr_payment_code }}

Show the text code

{{ payment_code }}

Show the kck.sv/pay link

{{ quick_pay_link }}

Show the whole box

{{ payment_elements }}

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