Running your business is like playing the piano. If you only focus on one key, you'll never play a tune. You have to play up and down the keyboard, hitting different keys at the right time. Unless Chopsticks is your favorite song, focusing on one single area of your business will for sure land you in the 95% of businesses that fail in the first 5 years.

There are 7 "key" areas of your business you must pay attention to:

  • As an Executive, your job is to set the strategy and vision and plan for the business.

  • In Human Resources, you hire people to help and make sure they have the resources to succeed.

  • Then you go Sell your services to customers that want your service.

  • Somewhere in there you actually need to Do the Work.

  • After that you Collect the Money for doing the work.

  • After the work's done, perform Quality Control to make sure the job was done right.

  • In Marketing you tell the world about your services.

So, how do you play the piano?

Try this exercise:

  • Make an action plan for each area.

  • Your plan should list all the functions that need to get done in each of the 7 areas above, broken into tasks.

  • Assign the tasks in your plan to employees in your business. Ideally, you will grow enough to put an employee in charge of each area, but as you start out, you'll probably have to do them all yourself.

If you can give enough attention to each of those areas many times per week, per day, and even per hour, your business will grow. I challenge you to write that down, and measure weekly how you're performing against your chosen metrics.

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