The Kickserv software allows you to color-code the services you offer, so it's easier to identify them in calendar views. Use your preferred color to know what type of job your technician is working on. You can choose both the background color and the text color.

Services are the main way to distinguish different types of jobs (in fact, some people just call them "job types"). More details on how to use Services

Here's how to pick a color:

Go to Settings > Services.

  • To create a new service, click Add new service.

  • To change the color of an existing service, click on the pencil icon at the end of the row.

Now, when you look at the calendar, you'll be able to quickly identify the specific services your employees are performing.

Remember that color coding is only for services--you can't color-code by technician assigned. However, Kickserv can display your schedule by employee on the Resources Page. To go there, click Planner > Resources.

There's a third option that shows you where your technicians are on a map--the Dispatch view. To get there, click Planner > Dispatch.

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