We wanted to give you a heads-up on some upcoming changes to the way the Contact Form works.

Today, you have two ways for people to contact you online for work:

Option 1: You can publish a link to the Contact Form. Customers fill this out when they want to be contacted for service. Clicking the Submit Request button creates a new opportunity in Kickserv. You can follow up with the customer to schedule the job.

Option 2: Your customers can also use the Request Form in the Customer Center to request service. They can select a type of service, specify what date and time works best for them, leave their contact information, and attach photos or other files. Clicking the Submit Request button here will send a message to your Kickserv Inbox, where you can see all the relevant information and drop an appointment directly onto your calendar.

With option 1 (the Contact Form), your customer's request becomes a new opportunity for follow-up, and with option 2 (the Request Form), it goes into your Inbox for you to schedule. The first option will likely be useful if you have dedicated sales staff making calls to prospective customers. If you are a smaller business, and you just want to get the job booked onto your calendar, the second one is probably what you want.

Since these two forms do almost exactly the same thing, we're going to combine them into one later this spring.

The new Contact Form will look exactly like the current one. You can embed it into a web page or link to it from, say, a Facebook page. Your current customers will also see it in their Customer Center.

Your only decision is where those requests should end up. We want you to have both options, so we're going to give you the choice in the Contact Form settings. It will read something like this:

"New work requests sent from the Contact Form will automatically be added to your Inbox. Add directly to New Opportunities Instead?"

That option will be checked by default for existing Kickserv businesses. New requests will become opportunities. That way, if your booking workflow currently depends on going through the list of new opportunities, your work won't be interrupted. Once this is change is made, though (and we'll let you know when it happens), we encourage you to try the Inbox option, though. It's the fastest, simplest way to book a job!

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