Key performance indicators (KPIs) are essential to tracking the growth of your business. So we thought we'd share some with you. From now on, every Sunday, you'll get a weekly update of how you're doing, compared to the same time last month.

First and most important: revenue and deposits.

Monthly Revenue tells you the dollar value of all the jobs you've completed, month-to-date. You also get a trend comparison with the same time last month. For instance, in the above graphic, monthly revenue from January 1-31 is up 48.1% over December 1-31. (Not bad!)

Monthly Deposits tells you how much of that revenue you've actually collected in payments, compared to the same time last month. For instance, the above two graphics might be telling you that you need to send out some payment requests, since you completed more jobs but received less payments.

For either of the metrics above, you can click View Full Report to see the details in Kickserv.

Unpaid Invoices shows you how many invoices are outstanding that you have not yet collected payment on. There are trend indicators here as well. Again, might be time to send out some payment requests!

Last in the report are metrics for opportunities (new, won, lost), and jobs (completed, started, in progress). These numbers should give you an idea of how full your work pipeline is. If you have a lot of jobs in progress, but few won opportunities (or no new ones at all), you might need to drum up some business.

We have plans to add more useful statistics to the report. Is there something in particular that you'd like to see in it? Let us know!

A regular checkup on the vital signs of your business is essential for growth. We hope this regular report gives you the information you need to move onward and upward with Kickserv.

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