Let's say you have a customer that requires new floors for her guest house and you want to set 4 different events for this job, such as the demolition, the installing, the cleaning, and the payment collection.

You can add these 4 events in a few different ways. The first and most simple path is:

Click on Jobs tab > Jobs > Create a new job record or go into an already created record. Then, schedule all the separate events you need.

Here are each of the fields when creating an event:

  • Date and time

  • Description

  • Task type: work, time-off, reminder, or estimate

  • Assigned to: to which tech do you want to assign this event

And finally, click on Add Event to save changes

The other option is to schedule through the calendar.

First, create the job record from the calendar by double clicking on the calendar. In "Notes" of the event information, write the name of the first event which, retaking the example we already used, would be "Floor demolition". Finally, add the event.

Then, the second step would be:

  • Double click in the desired part of the calendar to create the additional event

  • Select Work > Existing Job or Opportunity

  • Type the contact name

  • Select the correct job record

  • Complete the event information

  • Click on Add Event to save changes

And so on with all the multiples events you want to schedule.

Note: If you already have a job record just follow the second step.

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