Internet Explorer 11 was released in October of 2013. That's two presidential administrations ago! Microsoft Teams stopped supporting it in November 2020, and Office will end IE 11 support in August. Many of Kickserv's newer user interface elements do not support it (indeed, if you use IE 11, your Kickserv dashboard and navigation menu haven't worked properly in months). So, in order to make possible some exciting new Kickserv enhancements, we're going to retire it.

Beginning April 1, if you visit your Kickserv account with the Internet Explorer 11 browser, you'll see a message directing you to use a different browser instead.

Chances are, you already use a newer browser. If not, we recommend installing the latest version of one of the following:

Keeping your browser up to date is not just for the latest web technology--it's also essential for keeping your information safe online. So please, if you still use Internet Explorer, update your browser today.

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