Kickserv and Mailchimp are fully integrated! Sync your contacts from Kickserv over to Mailchimp instantly! Your contacts will stay in sync automatically so you can always send out the latest customer communication and marketing campaigns to a completely up-to-date audience. Send newsletters, coupons, surveys, review requests and more! Group your audience by tags so you can send them information that's pertinent to that group. Create elaborate customer journey campaigns or keep things simple. The choices are yours and the opportunities are endless.

Setup Instructions

Step 1: Click Settings, then Integrations, then Connect.

Step 2: Login to your Mailchimp account or create a free Mailchimp account.

Note: If you create an account, select 'no' when it asks you if you have a list of contacts. Then login from Kickserv.

Step 3:

You must push the 'Send all contacts to Mailchimp' button to sync existing contacts.

You must have the 'Keep Mailchimp in sync with Kickserv' box checked to have new contacts sync.

Click Save!.

Step 4:

Your contacts will now be synced with Mailchimp! It might take 5-10 for the first sync. You can now take full advance of everything Mailchimp has to offer!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this integration cost anything?

No, it is free to all paid Kickserv customers. Mailchimp is free for up to 2,000 contacts. See Mailchimp directly for their pricing.

When I add a new contact or updated a contact's email in Kickserv, how long does that take to sync to Mailchimp?

Typically in only takes a few seconds!

What contacts are NOT synced?

If a contact is marked inactive or if a contact does not have an email address, they are not synced to Mailchimp. If you have old and irrelevant contacts, you can mark them inactive so they don't sync or you can archive the contacts once they get over to Mailchimp so they don't go against your number of contacts.

For now, I only want Kickserv to sync new contacts and updated contacts. Can I do this?

Yes, when setting up the integration:

1) DO check the 'Keep Mailchimp in sync with Kickserv' box

2) Do NOT click the 'Send all contacts to Mailchimp' button

3) Click Save

You can always go back and 'Sync all contacts' when you're ready.

I do not want Kickserv and Mailchimp to stay in sync. What if I only want a one-time sync of all my existing contacts?

You can do it, but it's better to stay in sync. When setting up the integration:

1) Do NOT check the 'Keep Mailchimp in sync with Kickserv' box

2) DO click the 'Send all contacts to Mailchimp' button

3) Click Save

If I update a contact's email address is Kickserv will it update in Mailchimp?

Yes, as long as you have checked the 'Keep Mailchimp in sync with Kickserv' box

What if I want to archive contacts so they don't count towards my Mailchimp subscription, group contacts by tags so I only send certain things to certain groups, create marketing campaigns, send surveys, ask for reviews, etc?

You can do all of that from your Mailchimp account.

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