The Kickserv app is very easy to manage and has all the features your techs need in the field.

Your mobile customer flow line in 4 easy steps:

Step #1. Attending to a scheduled estimate and mark it as won

Step #2. Scheduling a won estimate and attending the job

Step #3. Generating an invoice for a finished job

Step #4. Accept payment for your work right on your phone

Let’s start with the creation of an opportunity and go on from there. Imagine you have a new opportunity with one of your customers. The next step would be scheduling an estimate and dispatching it to one of your field tech's mobile devices.

When notifying your techs in the field, this is an example of the message they receive.

Now, when the tech receives a notification and opens the app, something like this appears:

Then, the tech will drive to the address and, once there, these are the options the mobile app will display.

  • Clock in: to register the time they arrived at (or near) the service location.
  • Schedule another event
  • Add the estimated charges

Finally, if the customer agrees to the estimate, the tech will mark the opportunity as won, go back to the main dashboard, slide the event to the right and mark it as complete.

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