Your mobile customer flow line in 4 easy steps:

Step #1. Attending to a scheduled estimate and mark it as won

Step #2. Scheduling a won estimate and attending the job

Step #3. Generating an invoice for a finished job

Step #4. Accept payment for your work right on your phone

When an opportunity is won, the next step is to schedule the job. When the tech is still at the client’s house, they can easily ask for the most convenient time and schedule the event right away from the app.

They just need to go inside the event he was working on when he gave the estimate, click on schedule, and add the job.

Now, when the tech attends the job, they will have the same options in the app as for the estimate, and a few new ones:

  • Start job: registers the time when the job started
  • On hold: pause the job

*If the tech registers another charge, it will be added to the ones listed on the estimate.

When the job is finished, the tech needs to go back to the main dashboard, slide the event to the right, and mark it as complete.

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