Buckle up, because this is a big one:

Work orders

In the job view, underneath the Charges section, you'll see a new View Work Order option.

Tapping it opens up the Work Order view:

From this screen, you can show the work order to the customer, get their signature, or view a PDF of the work order to share with the customer. Click your device's share button to print or text a copy.

Customer history

The main customer view now gives you access to the customer's entire service history: opportunities, jobs, and invoices. And you can now add a new job for a customer directly from the customer view.

You'll notice a couple of other additions as well: a search bar and a count of how many jobs, opportunities, or invoices are in each status. We also added these goodies to the main job lists.

Clock-in geofencing

(Premium accounts only) Clocking in to a job shows you a warning if you (or your technician) is not actually at the job site.

Bug fixes

  • Display a helpful message on the login screen if you're locked out from too many consecutive attempts
  • Signature collection respects user permissions
  • Improvements to the in-app help system
  • Other fixes too small to list here
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