Per our written terms of service the single owner (or the Administrator) of the Kickserv account is the owner of the Kickserv data for that account. We understand that some accounts are created on behalf of company owners so in that case it is important that the owner of business knows and understands this policy. Your account owner has full control of the account’s data. We recommend that the true owner of the business be the person listed as the Kickserv account owner.

There may be a time where the creator of the account is no longer associated with the company and the owner will need to be changed. When this happens, here are the couple steps to take in order to securely change ownership of the account.

Step 1: Reach out to the original account owner and ask for their log in credentials.

Step 2: Keep control and access to all email accounts used in your company. If so, send login credentials to owner’s profile to reset login access.

Step 3: (Steps 1 & 2 have been exhusted) Verification through Chargify (billing Information (Address, City , State, Zip code), verify Card Information (Last 4 digits , Expiration, and CVV Code). Plus, we will need to have owner show us a snapshot of their driver's license and that should match their shared business license.

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