If you sometimes invoice for larger jobs, you may prefer to control how and when your customer pays you. For instance, you might not want them to login to the Customer Center and pay a $50,000 invoice with a credit card unannounced--leaving you with up to $1500 in transaction fees to cover. That might be good for their frequent flyer miles, but not so much for your cash flow.

Now, you can prevent the customer from paying those large invoices in the Customer Center, while still keeping the option for them to pay smaller ones. On the New Job or Edit Job screen, scroll down to Additional Information. You'll see a new checkbox labeled Disable Customer Center credit card payments.

Checking this box will remove the Pay with Card option from the Customer Center, so your customer will not be able to pay by credit card there. They will not see a QR code on their invoice or a Pay Now link in the invoice text message or email. They will need to pay you some other way.

You, however, will still be able to take a credit card payment from them in one of two ways: you can send them a payment request (for instance, for a down payment or installment payment), or take their credit card over the phone in the Add a payment screen.

Having your customers pay you instantly by credit card is the fastest, easiest way to get paid, but if you really want, you can disable customer payments by default on every job, and enable on a per-job basis. Just head over to Settings > Integrations > Online Payments, check Disable Customer Center credit card payments by default, and click Save Settings.

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