Your First Sync

Successfully connecting to Xero and setting your configuration options enables you to perform your first account sync.

Click on the Xero link in the left navigation to arrive at the main Xero page in Kickserv. Here you will be able to approve which new invoices to sync (more on that later), as well as see the sync history and sync error list.

To perform your first sync, click the Sync with Xero button in the upper right corner of the page.

The sync will kick off and run in the background. You will see a live update on the status of the sync while it is running.

The first sync will do the following:

  1. Import your chart of accounts

  2. Import your tax rates

  3. Import your inventory

  4. Import your contacts

  5. Import your invoices

  6. Import your payments

  7. Export your Kickserv item list

Depending on the options you set in Kickserv’s Xero setup, your first sync may export your existing contacts to your Xero account as well.

When your sync is complete, you will be prompted to refresh the page.

Doing so will populate the sync history so you can see what changed in your Kickserv account.

Syncing Individual Invoices/Estimates

In addition to syncing your whole account, you may sync individual invoices and estimates on demand.

When viewing an invoice or estimate, you will see a Sync with Xero button. Clicking it will kick off a sync that syncs only that invoice or estimate.

This sync will do the following:

  1. Import any new Xero accounts

  2. Export any new Kickserv items

  3. Export the invoice/estimate’s contact

  4. Import any new tax rates

  5. Import any new invoice/estimate data from Xero

  6. Import any payments on that invoice

  7. Export the invoice/estimate to Xero

  8. Export any payments made in Kickserv

  9. Reconcile the payments data (e.g, remove any payments deleted in Xero)

Invoices that have a payment that is synced have reduced options. You may not add or edit job charges or edit the synced payments.

You may add new payments until the balance is 0.

Batch Syncing Multiple Invoices

If you wish to batch sync a set of invoices, you may do so on the Xero sync page.

On this page, you will be shown the list of unsynced invoices in your Kickserv account. When you check the box next to one (or many), you will be given the option to approve that invoice for syncing.

Once approved, these invoices will be synced the next time you click “Sync with Xero.”

If you change your mind before the next sync, you can remove approval from an invoice by clicking the “Ready to Sync” tab and selecting the invoice. Doing so will give you an option to send the invoice back for approval.

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