How to create your first opportunity (aka estimate).
There are a few paths to creating an opportunity.

  1. From your customer’s record
  2. From the various views of the calendar
  3. From the side navigation column (add new)

From your customer’s record
Once you search and locate your customer record you will click on the Opps tab inside your customer record (as shown in the attachment).

To create a new opportunity you will click on the green [New Opportunity] button

You will now arrive at the new opportunity window and begin to fill out each of your required fields

Clicking the drop down for services will allow you to choose which general service type your opportunity is going to be.

Fill out all the necessary fields. The minimum is to choose a service. By choosing to create an opportunity this path the customer field is already filled in.

Finally, click create opportunity

You will be taken to your new opportunity

And don’t forget to add notes and pictures of your work as you move along with this opportunity

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