When it comes to staying on top of your service business, Kickserv conveniently helps you manage your leads, estimates, schedules, and more—all in one program. Regarded as one of the best business management software programs available, Kickserv has a plethora of powerful features, ranging from job management to GPS check-ins. 

We help you optimize results by simplifying the entire workflow estimate process with our successful project management software. How do we do this? By making your outcomes predictable, allowing maximum coordination, and generating expected results. We allow you to reduce and eliminate project risk, easily coordinate with your team members in the field, and improve your project estimates, all through our unified workflow estimate software. Discover today how streamlined the workflow procedure can be with our powerful business management solutions for your company. 

Tracking estimate workflows 

Once you log into your Kickserv account, it’s simple to navigate to your unscheduled estimates (referred to as Opportunities within the program). You can easily schedule a date or time for these estimates, which allows you to complete estimates and send them to your prospect via email. Kickserv emails them a link that, when opened, will move your estimate to the “Estimate Viewed” category, allowing you to closely follow the entire process. All estimates can be requested for modification or approved, at which time the estimate is converted into a job. 

Each estimate has an opportunity number that coordinates with your job and invoice, and also provides more information to get you started. Kickserv then allows you to schedule the estimate with detailed descriptions, and then assign it to your prospect. If multiple people need to work on your opportunity, you can do this quickly via the opportunity page. Kickserv is ideal for remote users, since it is easy to add notes or attachments and files from your tablet or phone. Charges can also be added on the field for maximal convenience, updating throughout your entire Kickserv server once approved. All changes are uniformly reflected through every stage of the process, from scheduling the estimate to invoicing the job. 

Estimates can be easily sent to customers for approval or modification (or downloaded, as well). In the event clients and technicians are involved in verbal agreements, it’s easy to just choose the “Mark Won” or “Mark Lost” category, depending on the outcome. Once confirmed as won, the opportunity is then converted to a job—taking you on to the next step of the project workflow. 

For more in-depth information, take a few moments to watch this short video and get a visual idea of how simple it is to track the progress of your estimate workflows.

(sorry for the slow start of the video dialog. The pace does pick up)

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