Kickserv provides tools for importing your contacts or customers from other popular services.

Gmail, Hotmail/

Importing contacts directly from Gmail or is simple. Simply click the Import Contacts icon from the Contacts page.

Choose a source to connect. Click the Connect button.

You’ll be brought to an account connection screen for the appropriate service (you may have to login with your Gmail or credentials).


Choose the account to connect and agree to the terms. Kickserv only uses this connection to import contact information directly to your Kickserv account.

You can now choose which contacts to import to Kickserv.

Other Services and CSV Files

You can also import contacts from other services or your own address book by uploading a CSV file. When choosing a source, simply choose Import from CSV, download the sample file, and structure your CSV file to match the sample file. You can use Excel or Google Sheets to edit and create CSV files.

It's possible to create Work Locations of a Contact during contact import. Both the "parent" and "child" (Work Location) need to be in the CSV - you can't create a work location for an existing contact in Kickserv via contact import.

In your spreadsheet editor, add two columns at the end of the sample CSV file: import_id and parent_id

In the parent row, add a number to the import_id column to represent that parent. It doesn't matter what the number is, but if you're going to be creating more than one parent/child set during the import, don't use the same number for more than one parent row.

In the child row (or rows), put the parent's import_id number in the parent_id column. 

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