Quickly and easily create a recurring series of jobs with Kickserv.

On any scheduled job, click to set up the repeating schedule. Choose how you’d like the job to repeat. You can repeat a Job in a variety of ways, from every day to every other year! Just choose which method and you’re done! We’ll create the repeating jobs in the background and you can continue to work.

When you’re viewing a Job, you’ll be able to quickly tell if it repeats. The same indicators are visible on the Jobs list, the Schedule list, and the calendar views.

If you need to make changes to an event or Job that belongs to a recurring series, you can choose to apply those changes to only that instance, or you can apply it to all following instances.

Dragging or resizing events on the calendar will not affect any other events in the series. A duration edited manually, however, CAN be applied to other events.

Kickserv’s recurring jobs – another great feature that makes managing your business easier than ever.

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