At Kickserv, we know calendars are essential to running your business. That’s why we’ve spent a lot of time getting them just right.

Scheduling from any calendar view is simple. Just click and drag or double-click on any open spot to add an event. On mobile devices, you can double tap.

Once an event has been scheduled, changing the time or duration is as easy as dragging and dropping, or resizing the event.

Have multiple dispatchers working at once? No problem. Kickserv’s calendars auto-update! When one employee makes a change, everyone sees it right away.

Editing an event can be done right from the calendar as well. Just click to open the info panel, and then edit right away. You can also mark an event complete with one click.

On the Resources calendar, re-assign events by dragging from one technician to another. Or view your company’s entire week.

Need more information at a glance? Enable the detailed view!

You can also customize the time span that’s visible on the calendar views.

Finally, like the rest of Kickserv, your calendars can all be filtered by a number of criteria, from event type to assigned technician.

Calendars play a vital role in any business. Let Kickserv’s calendars do the heavy lifting for you.

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