Kickserv is the perfect complement to QuickBooks®. Our entire feature set is available for running your service business efficiently and smoothly AND at the end of the day your completed jobs can be pushed to QuickBooks® as invoices with one click. No double-entry!

How does the integration work?


  • 95% of customer use Kickserv to create and send their invoices. Every invoice you create in Kickserv will be synced to your Quickbooks account. Any edits you make in QB will overwrite KS data. Every Kickserv Job# will be shown in QB Invoice Notes.

  • From the Invoice Tab you and see what invoices have been sent, viewed, signed, and more.

  • Customers will be able to see and pay their invoices online. They'll also be able to see their complete service history and even request more service.


  • You can document payments inside KS or inside QB.

  • Have a company policy on if you'll document payments in KS or in QB to avoid errors such as dual entry of a payment.

  • Kickserv allows you to payments from literally any source, but the best way to secure payment is by setting up Online Payments within Kickserv.

  • Online Payments will automatically apply to the invoice. Customers will be able to pay online and your team can accept payments from the office or in the field from the mobile app.

Online Payments

  • From the Integrations Tab, select Online Payments, and follow the instructions to set up your Stripe Account – it's free and only takes about 10 minutes. This is the best way to automate payment collection.

Manual Payments

  • You can also document manual payments in Kickserv from any other source, either within KS or within QB.

  • Paid/Unpaid 'status' do not synx. The invoice balance will be $0 in both places, but if you track Paid/Unpaid status, you'll need to determine if you'll do that in KS or in QB.

Item List

  • The sync will also pull your Items List in from Quickbooks, so you'll immediately have all your items within Kickserv. You'll want to make changes to your items list in Quickbooks. However, you can always tailor item descriptions, amounts, quantity and pricing for any item as needed on the job.

Customers / Contacts

  • The sync will also pull in your Customer List and save them into the Contacts tab.


  • Use the Quickbooks Tab to Review, Approve, and see Sync History

With Kickserv’s QuickBooks® integration double-entry is a thing of the past.

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