This article will help you connect QuickBooks Desktop to your Kickserv account, via Intuit’s Web Connector.


This initial sync to QuickBooks takes the longest. All of your existing QuickBooks Customers, Items, and Invoices are brought over to Kickserv.

Prepare QuickBooks

  1. Log in to your QuickBooks company file as the administrator.

  2. Ensure you are running in single-user mode for the initial sync.

3. Ensure your QuickBooks company name is exactly the same as your Kickserv company name.

Prepare Kickserv

  1. Click on QuickBooks in the sidebar (or go to Settings > Addons > QuickBooks)

2. Click ‘Change’ to change your QuickBooks environment.

3. Choose QuickBooks 2006 or newer.

4. Download the QWC file and open it. The QB Web Connector will open.

Connect via Web Connector

  1. When asked to authorize Kickserv, choose OK

2. When asked if you want to allow this application to read and modify the company file, choose ‘Yes, whenever this QuickBooks company file is open’.

3. Confirm access by clicking 'Done'.

4. Fill in the password field with the password from the Kickserv QuickBooks integration page.

5. Confirm the password by pressing ‘Yes’ when asked to save the password.
6. Check the box next to your Kickserv application, then click Update Selected. The sync to Kickserv will now run.

7. The progress bar will update as the sync progresses. Please be patient, especially if you have a mature QuickBooks file. We have seen some syncs take 20-30 minutes the first time around.
8. Once your sync is finished, click QuickBooks in the sidebar and view the Sync History to verify that your sync was successful.

Don’t look down here, you’re all done :)

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