You can send automated reminders to customers 24 hours before a scheduled appointment. There are a few requirements to enable this feature, but setup is quite simple.


Visit the Messaging Templates in your settings area.

Once there, choose Customer Reminder from the tab menu at the top. To enable customer notifications, check the box next to “Send an automatic email reminder to the customer before each scheduled job”.

You can set a custom reply-to email address. If needed, you can append a custom message to the end of each reminder.

When Reminders are Sent

There are a few things to be aware of in regards to customer reminders.

  • A reminder is only sent for the first scheduled work event on a Job or the first scheduled Estimate event on an Opportunity.

  • The reminder email is sent 24 hours before the start time (if the event starts at 6:00am, we’ll send the reminder at 6:00am the day before).

  • A contact must have an email address for the reminder to be sent.

Sample Reminder Email

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