Accepting credit cards online is simple with Kickserv’s Stripe integration. Stripe is a leading provider of simple credit card payments on web and mobile. Once you've created an account with Stripe and linked it to Kickserv, your customers will be able to pay you by credit card, directly from the Customer Center. You'll even be able to take payments on site directly from the Kickserv app on your mobile device!

Setting up the integration is free (your accepted payments are subject to a processing fee from Stripe) and takes only a few minutes. Here's how:

  • Go to Settings > Add-ons and select the Customer Payments tab.
  • Click Setup online invoice payment.
  • You will be taken to Stripe's website to create a Stripe account (or log in to an existing Stripe account, if you have one).
  • Fill out your registration information on Stripe and follow the instructions to connect your Kickserv account. When you’re finished, you’ll be brought back to Kickserv, and you’ll see your Stripe details on the Customer Payments page.

In addition, you can choose which currency to use for payment processing. This does not affect which currency is displayed throughout Kickserv.

You can even have Stripe notify you via email when a payment is received. For details, read Stripe's documentation on payment alerts.

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