The dispatch map is the easiest way to schedule your employees. With its unique combination of a map and a timeline view, you can quickly see where your employees will be at any time.

Using the Dispatch Map

If you’re familiar with the Resources view in Kickserv, then you already know how to use the Dispatch Map. We’ve essentially taken the existing Resources view and tightly integrated a map display.

For any Estimate, Work, or Reminder event that belongs to a Contact with a valid street address, you’ll see a marker on the map with two pieces of information: employee initials and the starting time of the appointment.

For the most legible display, we only show the start hour of the appointment in the map view. For example, an appointment at 10:45am would show as 10am. Exact times are shown in the timeline view below.

Employee Locations

It’s often helpful to see appointments relative to an employee’s home, especially if they drive a company vehicle home at the end of the day. You can view employees’ addresses (entered on their user profile) on the map if you have the ‘Show employee locations’ option enabled.

Company Location

Finally, you can view your company’s location on the map. We use the address entered on your Company Information page in the settings area.

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