Included with every Kickserv account, the Customer Center provides a single place for your customers to book service, access work history, approve estimates, and pay invoices.

When a customer receives a notice of an estimate or invoice--whether by text message or email--that notice will include a special login link to access the Customer Center and view the estimate or invoice. You can also send a personalized login link by copying it from the customer's Overview tab in Kickserv.

You can copy and paste that link, or you can email it directly with one button click. The link will expire after a period of time, for security reasons (see below), but you can always send a fresh one from this view.

Logging In (no password required!)

Since the Customer Center link contains a special token that expires after a period of time, your customers don't need to remember a password; they can just use their email address. That's one less password to forget! This also means that they can send someone else a document link for temporary access--for instance, if an estimate needs to be approved by a different person in the customer's company.

Work History

The Work History area shows all of a customer's jobs, past and future. If you have Marketing enabled (in the Customer Center & Contact Form settings) on your account, any open booking requests will be visible in a separate tab on this page.

Clicking a job in Work History will reveal the job’s details: address and contact information, charges, notes, attachments, and messages.


Customers can view, download, and print estimates in the Customer Center by clicking the View Estimate button. If the estimate hasn’t been approved yet, a customer can approve it or request a modification. These will show up as messages in your Kickserv inbox.


Once you generate an invoice for a job, your customer can view it in the Customer Center. They will see either a summary view (without individual line items) or a detailed view, depending on which option you chose for the invoice (this is set individually for each job).

Accepting Credit Cards with Stripe

Your customers can pay their invoices directly from the Customer Center. No more copying down credit card numbers over the phone, or worse, carrying a box full of checks to the bank! To enable online invoice payment, you must first connect Kickserv to a Stripe credit card payment account. Read the Accepting credit card payments with Stripe help document for detailed instructions .

Once enabled, a customer can pay an outstanding invoice by viewing it and clicking the Pay with Card button at the top of the page. Stripe payments are processed immediately. You can configure your Stripe account to send receipt emails and payment notifications if you like.


If you have enabled Marketing, any messages associated with the job will appear in the Messages tab. Customers can send, receive, and reply to messages on a specific job. We think you'll find this to be the best way for a customer to ask you questions about the job--no more random texts and phone calls!


Job charges and payments appear in the Charges tab.

Notes & Attachments

Notes and attachments only appear in the Customer Center if you choose to share them.

Booking a New Job

If you have enabled Marketing on your Kickserv account and you've published your booking site, customers can book a new job by clicking Request Service in the top menu of the Customer Center. 

Whether you're sending estimates for approval, collecting payment for completed work, or taking requests for new work, the Customer Center makes it easy to keep in touch with your customers.

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