The home page of your marketing site is the first thing your visitors will see. Fill out the form on the left and see the preview of your home page on the right.

Most of this form is self-explanatory, but we’ve listed a few areas of interest below.

Leaving out the business address

You can choose to leave out your business address by simply inputting a town and state into the address autocomplete. To allow for online booking, we need a central point from which to calculate the booking radius, so that is the minimum information required.


Logo and background images

The logo file and background image provide visual interest and help create a compelling site for your visitors.

Square logo images with a white or transparent background work best.

For background images, the bigger the better! We’ll shrink it down or enlarge it to fill the user’s screen.

Service radius

If you’re concerned about service area, choose a radius bigger than you need. You can easily decline Requests on a case-by-case basis.

Company hours

Company hours are displayed on the home page. They are not tied to booking availability, but can be referenced when setting up employee availability. You can add or remove time blocks using the + and – buttons in each row.

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