Online booking is a great way to allow your customers to book your company’s services. It can take the hassle out of the booking process and allow your customers to choose the time that works for them.


Requests are made via your Customer Center. Customers can access your home page and list of services. After choosing a service to book, users can choose available times to book.

When a user requests service, any user with Request permissions will receive the request information in their Kickserv inbox.


Booking a Request

If you want to book an appointment at the requested time, you can click the Book button. You’ll see a calendar of the day the customer requested service, with their requested time shown at the top.

You can assign an employee and adjust the length of the appointment by dragging the event on the calendar. If you need to assign additional employees, you can do that once the request has been booked.

You can include a message to the customer, if you’d like, but Kickserv will automatically notify the customer once you click Book Appointment.

When an appointment is booked, a new job will be created for that customer, and an event will be scheduled at the requested time. Messages from the request will be brought over to the resulting job.

Declining a Request

If you can’t book an appointment at the customer’s requested time, or if you need to decline the request for another reason, simply click the Decline button.

You’ll be able to add a personalized message to the customer explaining why you can’t book their appointment.

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