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  • Agent Abe

    Thank you Nicholas! This is our first official Community post and a great topic of discussion to bring to the table. The mobile app is still relatively young compared to the Kickserv web app. Especially the clock in button. It's no secret we need to refine the permissions to accommodate the added functions that the mobile app offers. In fact, we are taking feedback on a post through our Product Portal. Please vote on our Role-Based Permission System here

    Also, you mentioned in your post that there is no way to differentiate between the actual clock in/out duration and a time entry that would have been entered manually. Our Business and Premium plans provide a feature called Check-Ins. This function logs the time and location of the clock in and the clock out action. There is no way for an employee to alter or fake the duration as published on the Maps page.
    Nevertheless, we still need more robust permission settings and this need will increase as more and more functions get added. Thanks again for your feedback!

  • Nicholas Basile


    Please excuse my delayed response as I am just reading this now. I sincerely  apprecaite the help I receive from the KickServ team. Even in situations where a problem cannot be resolved, I am grateful to work with a party that understands the importance of teamwork and working together -- to me, that is just as important as the software itself. I look forward to continuing to use KickServ and to work with your team to help improve the overall product. I will stay tuned for any updates. Thank you.

    Nicholas Basile


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