Adding your customer's credit card directly into your Stripe account will have not immediate benefit using Kickserv.  The initial transaction to pay online must follow this procedure:

Checkout: Getting Started

Account Registration

  • Click "Remember me" to securely store your credit card info for faster checkout on this and other sites that use Stripe

One-Click Payments

  • On this computer, when you come back to any participating site, your credit card info will already be filled in: just click Payto confirm your purchase.You can edit the card number if you need to. Stripe will store the one you used most recently.


  • Your credit card is linked to your email address and your mobile phone number.To pay with Stripe on a different computer, or after you log out, just enter your email address during checkout and Stripe will instantly send you a text message to verify your identity.Message and data rates may apply. Frequency of messages depends on user. For help, reply back with HELP. To stop, reply back with STOP.

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