It has been ask how do I keep track of how much time I have put in for the week (or month, or quarter, etc…) as a technician.
First, you must be granted permission to run reports.  Ask your office staff about granting you this permission.  It is not given by default.

If you do have reporting capabilities for your profile then you will see in the left hand navigation column "Reports"

Choosing reports will take you to our reporting page.

1. Click on New Custom Report drop down box
2. You are going to then choose New time entry report

3. Now, give your report a title.
4. check the boxes of the data you want to see displayed in the report output.
5. You can drag those green crosses up and down to organize the data in the report output.
6. the filters - this is where you filter out of the database all the information you want to see.  Understanding the fields is key here.
7. You are most likely going to want to add some sort of date range to your time entry report.  What makes the most sense and is available for you is just to use the "Started on" field then "Greater than or equal to" and the starting date "MM/DD/YYYY".
8. And finally the green "Update report".


The filters of the report 

  1. Filters allow you to narrow down the report results
  2. The filters are broken into 3 parts

 *1- Field name (i.e. Employee and then Name field)
 *2-search terms (i.e. starts with).  Here you could use "starts with" if you know their
      name is unique in your list of employees.
 *3-search object (i.e. Matt)  This third box would most likely be your employee name
      in this situation.

Grouping your data

Grouping your data makes sense if you were to create a time entry report of more than one employee.  Clicking the drop down here would allow you to choose the employee name field as your grouping field.  Make sure you check the field you need from the above step #4.

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