To make the most of your Kickserv account, you'll want to time getting to know the settings page. Here, you'll be able to make all of the administrative decisions and customize features to optimize your Kickserv to best suit your business.

In this article, we will cover the two different settings categories:

Company Settings


Company Settings

Company Information

Your company information includes all of the important contact information for your Kickserv account. Here is where you'll input the basics like Company Name, Address, Phone Number, and Company Email. You'll also be able to specify your Industry, Time Zone, and Locale to reflect your geographic region.

Account & Billing

Account & Billing is where you'll find everything related to your Kickserv subscription. You can also export data in this section, if needed. If you are the Account Owner, you can change your subscription plan here.

Note: Only the account owner will have access to this tab.

Manage Users

In this section, you can add new users, edit existing users, change employee permissions, and track time off requests.

  • Add New User: To add a user, select the New user button.

  • Employee Permissions: To edit and change employee permissions, select the lock icon next to the desired employee name. For more on how to customize employee permissions, see our Permissions article.

  • Employee Time-Off: In this tab, you can see all scheduled time-off for employees. You can also add new time-off events by selecting the Add Time-Off button.


From the Notifications section, you can manage when your employees are notified and from where your customers receive their notifications.

  • Daily Schedule Report: This daily report will go out to any employee who has email notifications turned on and the option to receive their daily schedule selected. Select Include tomorrow's schedule if sending the report out late in the day.
  • Customer Center & Contact Form Emails: Choose the email addresses you'd like customer activity notifications and new work requests sent to.
  • Customer Center & Contact Form SMS: Choose the number you'd like customer activity notifications sent to.

After making any changes, be sure to select the Save notifications button.

Company Logo

Upload a GIF, JPG, or PNG file to display your company's logo on Estimates, Invoices, and in the Customer Center.

Customer Center & Contact Form

Here is where you can access everything related to customer experience in your Kickserv account.

  • Customer Center: The Customer Center is the all-in-one area for your customers to see their estimates, invoices, and upcoming work. Read more about it in The Customer Center article.

  • Contact Form: The Contact Form can be embedded or linked on your site so customers can request new work. New work requests will automatically be added to your Inbox.

  • QR Code: Scanning this code with a mobile device will open your Contact Form. You can also download the code to print out or include in a custom invoice or estimate template.

  • reCAPTCHA by Google: This helps prevent submissions from bots and spammers.



We integrate with several other applications, so you can manage everything in one place. All the tools you need are right at your fingertips.

  • QuickBooks: Kickserv works with every version of your accounting software: QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Self-Employed, QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Enterprise, and QuickBooks for Mac.
  • Online Payments (Stripe): Accept customer payments instantly from the field, send pre-invoice payment requests, allow customers to pay quickly via text or email.
  • Customer Lobby: Send out remarketing campaigns and review requests via text and email.
  • Podium: Boost your online presence by automatically sending review requests via text and email when you complete jobs.
  • Google: Import Gmail contacts and push events to your Google Calendar. Learn more about syncing your Gmail contacts here, and learn more about setting up your Google Calendar sync here.
  • Mailchimp: Keep your contacts in sync and send them awesome marketing email, surveys, coupons and more.

Integrating with Mailchimp

It's easy to sync your Kickserv account to your Mailchimp account. Any contacts added to your Kickserv account will be pushed to your Mailchimp account.

To set up the Mailchimp sync:

  1. In your Kickserv account, navigate to Settings –> Integrations –> then select the Mailchimp tab.
  2. Select the Connect Mailchimp button.

  3. Complete the steps via Mailchimp to log in to your Mailchimp account and authorize the sync.

Read more all about Kickserv integrations here.


Add your active and bookable services here. You can customize the name, descriptions, typical cost, and color-coding for calendar organization. Add new services by selecting the Add a service button, and customize existing services by selecting the pencil icon next to the desired service.


Items are the products you sell and services you provide. They are used to create charges on Jobs or invoices.

  • Items: Here you can add, import, export, and edit your items.
  • Item Settings: Here you can adjust the decimal setting for item pricing.
  • Charge Types: These are used to classify charges, on jobs or invoices, for reporting purposes. Here you can add, name, and edit charge types.


Tags are the easy way to organize and keep track of your Opportunities, Jobs, and customers. You can filter your Opportunities, Jobs, and customers by tags in addition to running custom reports.

  • Work Tags: These are applied to Opportunities and Jobs for easier organization and searching. Add a new work tag by selecting the Add a new work tag button.

  • Contact Tags: These tags are applied to customers and contacts. Add a new contact tag by selecting the Add a new contact tag button.


This is where you set tax rates that can be applied to your customer records. When creating a Job, any charge that's listed as taxable will reflect the tax rate that's been set for the customer record.


These are used for creating expenses and reporting on these expenses. Add a new vendor by selecting the New Vendor button.

Customer Sources

Here you can add and edit customer sources to get a better understanding from where your customer base comes from. Add customer sources by selecting the Add a new customer source button. Edit existing customer sources by selecting the pencil icon. Check the Show this source on the Contact Form box to include this customer source as an option for customers to choose when submitting a new work requests.


This is where you'll set the automatic company allocation applied to any new Job.

Note: This is only available to Premium plans and above.

Document Settings

Here is where you can customize your default estimates, work orders, and invoices.

  • Estimates: Customize your default payment display, notes, terms, and signature requirement, or add a custom template here using liquid code in the Custom Template section.
  • Work Orders: Customize your default work orders to include (or exclude), company logo, customer billing address, line items, pricing note, customer custom fields, Job custom fields, and more. You can also add a custom template here using liquid code in the Custom Header and Custom Template sections.
  • Invoices: Customize your default invoice payment display, notes, terms, and whether or not to include Job notes. You can also choose to automatically mark invoices as paid here by checking Automatically mark invoices paid. You can also choose to require a signature here, and you can add a custom template using liquid code in the Custom Template section.

If you are in need of assistance building your own custom template, we recommend our friends at Veil Design Group.

Messaging Templates

Edit your default messaging to customers for estimates, invoices, and customer reminders.

  • Estimate Messaging: Input a Reply to email address, a default subject line, and a custom message. Check the box next to Also attach a PDF copy to include a PDF version of the estimate in this message.

  • Invoice Messaging: Input a Reply to email address, a default subject line, and a custom message. Check the box next to Also attach a PDF copy to include a PDF version of the invoice in this message.

    You also have the option to add automatic invoice reminders. Head to our article for more information on how to customize your invoice reminder settings.

  • Customer Reminder: For Lite plans and above, you can set automated customer reminders to notify customers of service 48 hours in advance. Check the box next to Active to set up automatic customer reminders, and customize your reminder message. For more on Customer Reminders, see our Reminders article.

Forms & Fields

Here you can add custom fields that will appear on new Jobs and customers.

  • Jobs: Add services here by selecting the Add a field button, and choose how you'd like the service to appear on the Jobs form. When you're creating a new Job, these fields will appear at the bottom of the page as options under Additional Information.

  • Customer: Add custom fields for your customer to fill out when requesting new service here. Select the Add a field button, and choose how you'd like the field to appear on your contact form.

That's everything for Settings! Taking the time to customize your Kickserv pays off by ensuring that your account runs exactly how you want it to. Provide your customers a seamless experience from first contact to final payment.

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